'Tools For Everyday Life' pays homage to the simple design language of utilitarian products, but with a modern twist.

As part of PSFK’s ongoing coverage of NY Design Week, we attended the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York City this past weekend. As a premier showcase for contemporary design, the ICFF annually lures in the top designers from all over the world, this year hosting over 500 exhibitions from 34 countries.

Designers in Residence, a post-graduate initiative designed to support Northumbria alumnae wishing to develop their own professional design practice, exhibited their latest show, ‘Tools For Everyday Life’ at ICFF. For this year’s show, the designers were challenged to build prototypes of tools that simultaneously offered utilitarian value while celebrating the straightforward nature of functional tools as a form of art in itself. Designers created new variations of classic tools, paying homage to the concise design language communicated by the traditional, everyday, functional products while being careful not to stray from the tools’ original purposes. The result was a modern collection of hand tools, modified pencils, and a lightbulb harking back to Edison encased in a glass display.

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