High-Speed Nike Running Suit Inspired By The Golf Ball [Pics]

High-Speed Nike Running Suit Inspired By The Golf Ball [Pics]
Design & Architecture

Tiny dimples cover this trackwear to provide more aerodynamic movement for runners.

Yi Chen
  • 14 may 2012

PSFK Coverage Of The 2012 London Olympics

Just recently, Nike unveiled the TurboSpeed suit that can shave off 0.023 seconds from an athlete’s time in a 100-meter sprint. The superhero-like full body suit has small dimples covering the arms and and along the shoulders and back. These holes are inspired by the texture of golf balls that provide more aerodynamic movement and speed.

The new suit will be worn by runners from USA, Germany, Russia, and China at the London Olympics. Nike predicts that the high-tech sportswear could break personal best and world records.


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