Footballer Mario Balotelli has his hair styled in the brand's latest viral campaign.

Italian footballer Mario Balotelli had his hair cut and styled in Nike’s latest viral video. In the clip, Balotelli was accompanied by French player Mamadou Sakho and Argentinian footballer Javier Pastore. The scene is set in a traditional barbershop where Balotelli simply tells the barber that he wants a cut that is ‘to be remembered.’ The barber then proceeds to try out different styles, an afro, and curly locks. Balotelli in the end settles for a short mohawk.

In just a few days, the Nike barbershop video has reached over 1.4-million views. Viewers can also visit one of the six physical Nike Barbershops located in Buenos Aires, Madrid, Mexico City, Milan, and Paris. Consumers can also visit the online Nike Barbershop app to virtually try various iconic hairstyles from football legends.

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