Nissan Redesigns Gas Pumps Into Unexpected Objects [Video]

Nissan Redesigns Gas Pumps Into Unexpected Objects [Video]

The car manufacturer envisions a world without gasoline for the launch of its EV -- LEAF.

Yi Chen
  • 28 may 2012

With the launch of the Nissan LEAF, a 100% electric car, the gas pump might become something obsolete in the future. To highlight this concept, Nissan transformed 37 gas pumps into creative pieces, including a juke box, a gumball machine, a birdcage, and a fish tank.

The unusual gas pumps were on display in Sydney, as part of the kick-off campaign for the LEAF in Australia. The public exhibit attracted numerous curious passers-by who could interact with the installations. Currently, users can vote for their favorite artistic gas pump for a chance to actually win it.

Nissan: Zero Petrol

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