NYC’s ‘Apple Green’ Taxis Travel To Boroughs Outside Manhattan

NYC’s ‘Apple Green’ Taxis Travel To Boroughs Outside Manhattan

New York City debuts its new fleet of "green" taxis specially catering to people living outside of the city center.

Alice Chan
  • 17 may 2012

New York City’s outer borough has revealed plans for a line of taxis. The color – apple green was revealed recently by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The city made the decision four months ago to start selling licenses for taxis that will cater to boroughs outside Manhattan. The legislation, signed by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, gave the Taxi and Limousine Commission permission to govern the new fleet, including picking out the new color of the taxicabs. The commission chose the color in consultation with a design firm, Smart Design, and the city’s tourism arm, NYC & Company. Mayor Bloomberg said of the color choice:

We think ‘apple green’ is attractive and distinctive. It’s easy on the eyes and easy to pick out from a distance in traffic.

Applications for the green taxi licenses will start on May 29th and the commission will offer up to 18,000 licenses in the first two years.

Taxi and Limousine Commission

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