Create A 3D Printed Action Figure That Looks Like You

Create A 3D Printed Action Figure That Looks Like You

Makie Me makes personalized, fully posable and customizable 'avatars' using 3D printing.

Dylan Schenker
  • 29 may 2012

How would you like to own a fully posable action figure likeness of yourself? Using 3D printing, MakieLab makes it possible to customize your own physical ‘avatar’ to own in the real world. The London based toy and games company makes what they call “action dolls” so as to appeal to both males and females. Aside from being fully posable, they come with any kind of dress to to make them as personal as possible.

By utilizing 3D printing, MakieLabs can let people customize down to the most minute features like the nose, mouth, face, hair, eyes, etc. The shape of the mouth and the ‘attitude’ of the eyebrows can be shaped significantly, for example. Clothes are just as customizable and a range of styles are offered to choose from. It takes the conceit of designing a Mii on the Nintendo Wii and translates it into a physical doll. 3D printing allows for the possibility for ‘made to order’ or on demand toy making that is tailored to the individual rather than designed en masse as a generalized product that is intended to appeal to everyone.

While the Makies don’t have any digital components for now, they are designed specifically with a hollow space in their bodies to pace a Lilypad Arduino — a small microchip that allows for further programmed customization to include things such as voice and bluetooth capabilities.

Despite their porcelain appearance the Makies are made out of a bioplastic that yields little waste. And aside from the eyes and wigs, which they stress come from well researched factories in China and Spain, the entirety of the action dolls are made in Britain.

Makies are currently sold for £99 through the MakieLab website that people can also visit to design their very own “digital makie.” The digital makie is free and is used as the model for when the actual doll is purchased.


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