Phillippe Stark’s Chair Made Of Scraps From The Factory Floor [NY Design Week 2012]

Phillippe Stark’s Chair Made Of Scraps From The Factory Floor [NY Design Week 2012]
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The chair manufacturer Emeco and the famous designer design a seat from 90% pre-consumed materials.

Zack Cohn
  • 26 may 2012

Shown at the 2012 International Contemporary Furniture Fair, Phillippe Starck’s Broom Chair for Emeco showcases an exceedingly simple, modern design- and is amazingly, produced from 90% pre-consumer waste. Emeco is a Pennsylvania-based chair manufacturer that has long focused on creating chairs with sustainable materials, but this is by far their most sustainable chair to-date.

Stark drew inspiration for his Broom Chair by observing factories’ manufacturing processes- he noticed that excess materials like unused wood shavings, extra plastics, and other materials were just being thrown away. He imagined taking a broom and ‘sweeping up’ all of these leftover materials to create something new.

The Broom Chair is the realization of Starck’s  ‘sweeping up’ idea – the chair is made from 75% reclaimed polypropylene, 15% reclaimed wood fibers,and 10% glass fibers. Stark transformed discarded materials destined for landfills into something elegant, sustainable, and functional.

Click through the thumbnails below to see more images of the chair:


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