Photographs Depict Iconic Video Games In The Real World

Photographs Depict Iconic Video Games In The Real World
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Artist Patrick Runte imagines what it would look like if Tetris blocks and other icons were anthropomorphized into the real world

Dylan Schenker
  • 16 may 2012

Early video games existed in a world of their own. For the most part their own self-contained pixelated and spritely universes were completely disassociated with reality in both their look and their gameplay. So what does it look like when those games are given a real world corollary? Photographer Patrick Runte asked himself the same question.

Runte created mock ups of some of the most classic and well known games showing how absurd certain video games would seem if they were translated into the real world. Anthropomorphic Tetris blocks stand around as if waiting to fit in to each other. A life size Pac Man runs around trying to eat floating pellets. Two nondescript white Pong cubes volley a smaller cube between them.

It foregrounds an awareness of the disparities between the video game or digital world and the real world. As we continue to translate more of that world and its aesthetic into the physical space through innovation and design the more peculiar it makes the real world look.

Patrick Runte

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