An update to a popular 1980s arcade game includes live cars in New York City.

The Smithsonian American Art Museum recently unveiled a new exhibit, The Art of Video Games, which explores the 40-year history and evolution of video games, focusing on games with ‘the most striking visual effects and the creative use of new technologies'.  The exhibit features 80 games ranging from Pac Man on the Atari VCS to Halo 2 on the Xbox.

But for New York designer Tyler DeAngelo, one game was missing: Frogger, the popular 1980s arcade game that pit frogs against oncoming traffic as they tried to make their way across a busy street.  In honor of the game's 30th(ish) birthday, and in an effort to get Frogger added to the Smithsonian exhibit, DeAngelo created ‘Fifth Avenue Frogger,' an updated version of the classic that uses real-time traffic data from New York's 5th avenue.

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