Portable Cardboard Box Turns Smartphones Into Scanners

Portable Cardboard Box Turns Smartphones Into Scanners

A Kickstarter project lets users take optimal photos of documents without the hassle using a structure that folds up flat.

Yi Chen
  • 18 may 2012

The Scanbox is a lightweight cardboard box that can be easily folded to provide users with an optimal stand to scan documents with their smartphone. Users simply place their phones onto of the box to be able to take a steady photo of documents up to the size of a US Letter or A4 paper. The box can also be integrated with a strip of LED lights to provide more lighting. The scan box is versatile and can also scan 3D objects.

LimeMouse’s Scanbox is made from durable, laminated card that can also be easily folded away into a flat-pack. The Kickstarter project has already reached its goal of raising $12,500, with still 50 days remaining.

Check out the video below to see the Scanbox in action:


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