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Bionic Eye Expected To Bring Vision To The Blind By 2014

Engineers at the Monash Vision Group (MVG) of Monash University in Australia have successfully tested a new microchip that will be used to power a bionic eye, which is expected to be ready for patient testing within the next few years. Unlike many other bionic eye/retinal implant projects currently in development, MVG’s bionic eye bypasses the actual eye altogether, instead consisting of a special pair of glasses with a tiny camera that serves as a retina, and a pocket-worn processor designed for converting recorded video into electrical signals. Microchips are implanted directly on the surface of the patient’s visual cortex, which receive low resolution black and white video that will serve to stimulate the visual cortex. The engineers behind the project hope to produce artificial vision that is at least equivalent to using a seeing eye dog or cane.

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