Scotch-Brite Lets Young Diners Wash Dishes Instead Of Paying Their Bill

Scotch-Brite Lets Young Diners Wash Dishes Instead Of Paying Their Bill

The sponge brand couldn't get the younger demographic to buy their sponges so they created an innovative campaign that gave people the opportunity to try out sponges while getting a free meal.

Allie Walker
  • 18 may 2012

It’s an old joke- if you can’t pay your dinner bill, you’ll end up in the kitchen washing dishes.

But no one really does that, right? Wrong.

Scotch-Brite in Brazil was having a hard time reaching the younger demographic. Traditional messaging wasn’t working, and the brand just couldn’t get them to buy their sponges. Scotch-Brite decided the only way to capture the younger market was to show them how good their sponges worked– they bet that if young consumers tried their sponges once, they could capture their business.

And since these young consumers weren’t hanging around testing the sponges in stores, Scotch-Brite decided to take testing to places where the younger demographic was hanging out– and where there’d also be a need to use a sponge: popular local restaurants.

With the help of ad-agency Grey 141 and several restaurants in São Paulo, Brazil, Scotch-Brite created the ‘Wash Your Bill’ campaign, offering young dining patrons the opportunity to wash their dishes instead of paying their dinner bill. During the week long campaign, when diners were handed their check, they also received a Scotch-Brite sponge that read, ‘Don’t want to pay the bill? Go wash the dishes.’

Diners who accepted the invitation were escorted to the restaurant’s kitchen where they donned hairnets and washed their dishes in a branded Scotch-Brite station.

By creating an experience that focused on a shared value proposition, Scotch-Brite was able to give diners an enjoyable, fun, and story-worthy experience. Diners walked away with a free meal and a memorable experience with the brand, and Scotch-Brite was able to introduce their sponges to a new demographic.

Watch a video about the campaign here:


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