Torafu Architects design the first items in a series of furniture for decorative plywood maker Ichiro that offers multiple configurations to make the most of the space used.

Ichiro-iro is a series of furniture designed by Torafu Architects for the Japanese company Ichiro. The first items in the series are the koloro-desk and koloro-stool, which are multifunctional pieces that both offer plenty of storage space.

The desk features a number of windows, which can be opened to give a more accessible feel, or closed to create a small private room where nobody can disturb you. Lighting and plants can be added to the space, and there are hooks for bags and a cord manager for PC use. The stool has been designed to complement the koloro-desk and under the soft cushioned seat is a box for storing toys and other small miscellaneous items. Click through to see pictures of the koloro desk and stool:

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