Snaidero's design uses ionization technology to clean odors from the air while ridding it of pollutants. There are no exhaust pipes, making it a green and sleek design option for the kitchen.

Tired of the apartment smelling like last night’s dinner? Worried about allergens and other pollutants in the air? Before, a kitchen range hood would help eliminate the first problem, and an air-purifier could help alleviate the second problem- but it would take two separate gadgets to do the job.

But what if the capabilities of a range hood and air-purifier were combined into one device? Italian kitchen-maker Snaidero and appliance-maker Falmec have teamed up to create the two-in-one product: a kitchen range hood that eliminates odors while sanitizing the air around it by using a similar technology found in air ionizing air-purifiers:

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