Hotel Commissions Street Artists To Design 55 Rooms [Pics]

Hotel Commissions Street Artists To Design 55 Rooms [Pics]

To provide an unconventional, boutique hotel experience, The Classical Baby Grand Hotel collaborates with urban designers and graffiti masters.

Plus Aziz
  • 22 may 2012

Striving to capture “a sense of New York in the heart of Athens,” The Classical Baby Grand Hotel in Greece hired 10 artists to custom-decorate 55 rooms with signature looks. The artists came from various fields of urban art including graffiti, design, and illustration. The hotel’s main lobby (shown above) uses the body of a Mini Cooper as a main desk for visitors.

Embracing custom-designed rooms is a trend we’ve been observing for a number of years now. It’s become popularized through establishments such as Ace Hotel, which not only customizes their interior design, but also have a strong focus on locally sourcing artists and designers to improve their brand experience. Similarly, by embracing such a creative strategy, The Classical Baby Grand Hotel, a 4-star hotel, is able to upgrade its image to being perceived as a boutique-luxury hotel, targeting travelers looking for an unconventional experience.

The Classical Baby Grand Hotel

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