PSFK curates some of the strategy, digital and creative advertising news catching our attention.

We’re back with our weekly recap of the interesting and inspiring, with a particular eye for what shifts and ideas brands should be tracking, evaluating and acting on. This is a collection of some standout business strategy, brand-building and digital media stories catching our attention.

Discussions Shaping Strategy, Creativity & Innovation 

Make Things People Want or Make People Want Things (hint: aim for the first) I'm An Article About the Internet That You Repost On the Internet (the value of questioning what and why we do it) Making Choices In the Age of Information Overload (on the importance of signals) How to Spot the Future The Participation Choice (on why the 1/9/90 model is outdated) How to Create a Million Dollar Business This Weekend How the Facebook IPO Impacts Social Business Space Why Top Innovators Make Time to Waste Time Why Some Startups Must Pivot to Succeed

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