Paper artist, Yumiko Matsui created miniature versions of the city of Tokyo using nothing more than colored paper and water-based glue.

New York based, Osaka born artist, Yumiko Matsui had vivid memories of returning to her hometown from a trip to discover miniature paper houses made with love by her aunt. Using nostalgia as inspiration, she folded pieces of colored paper to recreate detailed scenes of daily life in Tokyo’s Asakusa district. The miniature version contains streets lined with advertising, high rises, teahouses, shops, a marketplace, and even Shibuya girls.

Using nothing more than paper and water-based glue, Matsui photographed her creations from a perspective that yielded such amazing realistic results. We love this project with all its minute details — from the traffic signals to the street vendors – because it makes us appreciate that through simple tools one can construct an elaborate pulsing art piece.

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