Toyota's upcoming intuitive car technology can help save your life whenever you wake up in the wrong side of the bed.

A driver's mood can greatly affect his or her performance on the road and spell the difference between an easy cruise or an accident-prone dash. Taking this universal behavior into careful consideration, leading Japanese automobile company Toyota is now developing an intelligent sensing system for cars that can assess a driver's mood and subsequently customize the car's reactive system in the face of an impending hazard.

The concept technology makes use of a camera that detects facial expressions by plotting 238 points on the face of a driver. If the technology senses anger based on your facial expressions, it will signal the electronic alarm system at a higher level. Senior manager Jonas Ambeck shared via WhatCar that the current, basic research should be complete within two to three years, and that some of the elements could start actual development within six years and may be combined with the smartphones of the future.

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