Turn Tweets Into Comics

Turn Tweets Into Comics

Twitter client 'Feel on!' analyzes what you've written and emphasizes your feelings using different colors and illustrations.

Emma Hutchings
  • 30 may 2012

Japanese startup L is B has developed a Twitter client called ‘Feel on!‘ that analyzes tweets and turns them into comics. The service adds a visual element to your 140 characters, emphasizing your feelings with images.

The company’s “Social Emotion Engine” (SEE) automatically analyzes tweets and classifies them by emotion, showing you matching colors and illustrations you can choose to add to the text. After authorizing it with your Twitter account, you can start posting tweets with comics using the ‘Feel on!’ web app, which show up in your normal tweet as a Twitter picture. A Japanese version of ‘Feel On!’ is currently available, and an English version will be premiered at the Echelon 2012 Startup Marketplace in June.

Turn Your Tweets Into Comics

Feel on!


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