Unbranded ‘Secret’ Starbucks To Open At Macy’s

Unbranded ‘Secret’ Starbucks To Open At Macy’s

The 'Herald Square Cafe' will offer a unique experience to shoppers offering wine, champagne and chocolate.

Emma Hutchings
  • 24 may 2012

An unbranded, Starbucks is currently under construction on the second floor of the Herald Square Macy’s store in Manhattan. Although the company has previously opened “stealth” Starbucks, which are stripped of all their usual branding and offerings, this location will provide a “unique experience” targeted at Macy’s shoppers. The “stealth” stores usually have a subtle “inspired by Starbucks” sign near the front door and on some of its products. However, Starbucks spokesperson Zack Hutson told The Huffington Post that this store shouldn’t be compared to other “stealth” locations:

The unbranded Starbucks in the Herald Square Macy’s — to be called The Herald Square Café — won’t even have the “inspired by” tagline. Instead, Hutson said it’ll be more like a cafe than a coffeeshop, offering wine, Champagne and chocolate — things that are “different than anything we’ve done before.” Coffees from Starbucks’ “exotic and rare” Reserve line will be made with the Clover Brewing System (Starbucks owns the patent). The system, which debuted in 2007, uses a French press-like method with a vacuum that separates the liquid from the grounds.


Photo by Wei Chen

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