The 'SeeMail' iOS app adds voice recordings to photos, allowing users to share the story behind each image.

SeeMail is a free iOS app that enables users to add their voice to photos, offering a new way to tell the stories behind images and share them with friends. Founded by Ward Chandler and Kent Speakman, SeeMail uses patent-pending technology to add recordings to pictures and was inspired by old family photographs with the story written on the back.

The easy-to-use app lets you take a new photo or choose one from your library, and then tap the record button to save a voice message or the sounds around you. You can write a caption of up to 100 characters, postmark your current location, and share the photo with your SeeMail friends or on your social networks. The app also has a retro theme with its mailbox icon, location postmarks, and vinyl record imagery. SeeMail aims to take mobile photo sharing to the next level by adding the emotion and feeling of the human voice to the experience.

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