Koubachi's product measures soil moisture, light intensity and temperature, and gives the user detailed care instructions via its apps.

The Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor helps users with plant care by measuring plants vitality and providing detailed instructions about their needs via an iPhone or web app. The sensor extends the “connected home” to the plants that inhabit it. When inserted in the soil of any pot plant, it monitors soil moisture, light intensity and temperature in real-time and transmits the data using its built-in wi-fi module.

This data is sent to the Koubachi Cloud, where it is analyzed based on scientific care models developed in cooperation with leading biologists. Detailed instructions are then sent via the apps to show how and when to care for the plants, with information regarding watering, temperature, positioning, fertilizing, and misting. One sensor can be used to monitor and set up alerts for all of a person’s household plants. They are now available across Europe from the Koubachi store for €122 ($153) and the plant care apps are free. Watch the video below to learn more about the wi-fi sensor:

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