In an interesting campaign, Forbes Magazine presents an alternate picture of the world without some of the important billionaires of our time.

Finance and lifestyle magazine Forbes, known for featuring the richest Americans and billionaires of the world within its pages, takes an interesting turn in promoting itself by imagining a world without billionaires. In partnership with Ogilvy Brazil, Forbes released a series of infographs that showcased the social, financial, and humanitarian impact of not having the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Sir Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Eike Bautista, and Tiger Woods.

A world without Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg, for instance, would mean a loss of $3.8 billion in internet advertising, 845 million interconnected individuals, $100 million to the public school system of Newark, New Jersey, about 800,000 people developing Facebook applications, and roughly 300,000 people who discovered that they were being cheated on.

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