10 Piece Eco-Friendly Clothing Line Is A Wardrobe For An Entire Year

10 Piece Eco-Friendly Clothing Line Is A Wardrobe For An Entire Year
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ULTRA 10 features multifunctional pieces made of recycled materials, which can be returned at the end of each year for a new supply.

Emma Hutchings
  • 29 june 2012

Malaysian eco-fashion label ULTRA created a minimalist 10-piece wardrobe of mix-and-match basics and multifunctional pieces in response to the overconsumption that is often associated with fashion.

ULTRA 10 is a collection of ethical items resulting from a collaboration with sustainability leaders LOHAS, Greenovate, and The Wellness Works. Designed to be worn all year, the ten pieces include a 4-in-1 coat that turns into a shirt and skirt or a dress, a 2-in-1 jacket that turns into a vest, and a selection of quality wearable basics.

Modular, 10 Piece Eco-Friendly Clothing Line Is Entire Wardrobe For A Year

All of the items are made of recycled and sustainable materials like organic cotton, bamboo, organic silk, biodegradable tencel, and recycled polyester. The ULTRA 10 collection can be returned at the end of the year for upcycling, in exchange for a fresh supply of new pieces at discounted rates. You can check out the ULTRA 10 wardrobe in the video below:


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