360° Surround-Image Technology Boosts Home Entertainment Experience [Video]

360° Surround-Image Technology Boosts Home Entertainment Experience [Video]

MIT innovation makes viewers feel like they are part of the movie.

Yi Chen
  • 27 june 2012

Researchers at the MIT Media Lab have designed an innovative ambient lighting system to create a surround-image experience for the viewer. The ‘Infinity-by-Nine’ project is able to analyze the video footage in real-time and project representations of the video’s edges onto the room’s walls and ceiling. The system is also synced with a motion camera to allow the viewer to be immersed in the video content.

By extending the picture into the viewer’s peripheral vision, it brings the moving image to life as some of the viewers claimed that they even felt the heat from an on-screen explosion. Watch the video below to see a demonstration of Infinity-by-Nine.


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