Ad Agency Recruits Art Director By Hacking Lorem Ipsum Text

Ad Agency Recruits Art Director By Hacking Lorem Ipsum Text

Jung von Matt skipped traditional recruitment channels in favor of hiding their job ad within the creatives' own self-generated dummy text.

Allie Walker
  • 8 june 2012

When German ad agency Jung von Matt needed to hire a new Art Director, they decided to eschew a traditional recruitment strategy in favor of  a more meta approach: recruiting a qualified hire from within the candidate’s own creative layouts. Jung von Matt infiltrated over 220,000 creative people’s work (and 222,000 potential employees) by placing a recruitment ad inside the Lorem Ipsum text the creatives had used to create their mock-ups.

Creatives use Lorem Ipsum, or ‘dummy text,’ as a placeholder for text when creating layouts; real, readable text can distract people when they are reviewing a layout, so creatives use the dummy text to help people better focus on the overall layout presentation and not just the graphic elements. The de facto site to generate this dummy text is, a site that over 50,000 creatives around the world visit each day.

For one week in January, when anyone copy/pasted Lorem Ipsum text from into their layouts, a recruitment ad for Jung von Matt was also included in the dummy text:

220,000 unsuspecting creatives inserted the recruitment ad into their layouts, and while the majority didn’t check their Lorem Ipsum text for ‘real’ content, 14,000 clicked-through to Jung von Matt’s recruitment site.

Jung von Matt found an Art Director- and proved that Lorem Ipsum doesn’t have to be ‘dummy text’ for smart creatives.

Watch a video of the campaign below:

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