Comfy Armchair Transforms Into A Mini Private Tent [Pics]

Comfy Armchair Transforms Into A Mini Private Tent [Pics]
Design & Architecture

HUSH is multi-pupose furniture for those who want to be able to occasionally withdraw from our interconnected world to a dark and cosy space.

Emma Hutchings
  • 12 june 2012

UK-based designer Freyja Sewell’s HUSH chair can either function as a plush open seat or be transformed into an enclosed pod when you want to be alone. It is made from 100% wool felt, and has cushions stuffed with recycled wool fibers. Sewell writes:

Never has it been easier for humans to connect, but what about when we want to withdraw? The ‘womb’ shape inspires very different feelings in different people; to me it is a warm, cosy space, for contemplation and rest… By creating an enclosed space HUSH provides a personal retreat, an escape into a dark, quiet, natural space, or state of mind.

Check out the thumbnails below for more images of this dual purpose seating.


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