An extreme conceptual system could help people preserve and recycle H2O.

Accessible drinking water could become a rare commodity in the future due to the acceleration of factors such as global warming, industrialization, and pollution. When the designers at Takram were asked to design the water bottle of the future, they came up with a futuristic concept of artificial organs and accessories that help humans retain and recycle water better.

The Shenu: Hydrolemic System, includes a set of devices that can be implanted in a human body to ensure the user consumes less water. The futuristic system also comes with six add-ons to assist in the conservation, such as candies that provide the user with daily nutrients; nasal cavity inserts to reduce the amount of water lost through exhalation; and the arterial-jugular heat exchangers that inhibit perspiration on the neck while also producing electricity from any excess body temperature.

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