Audio-Only iPhone Game For The Visually Impaired [Video]

Audio-Only iPhone Game For The Visually Impaired [Video]

A unique app that allows gamers to explore a zombie apaocalypse story in total darkness.

Yi Chen
  • 1 june 2012

When Aaron Rasmussen was left temporary blind as a result of a high school chemistry class accident, he was inspired to make an iOS game that relied only on your hearing. BlindSide is an ‘audio adventure’ game that has no graphics and can be played with your eyes closed. Users need to have their headphones on, and use the iPhone almost like a stethoscope to listen in order to navigate the game. Users can explore by facing any direction while holding their iPhone.

The immersive game allows the user to play as Case, an assistant professor who wakes up blind to find his city destroyed and infested with zombie-like creatures. Navigating in total darkness, the professor must find his girlfriend and solve the mystery of the apocalypse.

Watch the video below for a demonstration of how BlindSide works.


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