Bonnaroo Does Away With Plastic Wristbands For RFID Tech

Bonnaroo Does Away With Plastic Wristbands For RFID Tech

The scannable RFID enabled wristbands being used by the Tennessee music fest are both a more comfortable and streamlined solution

Dylan Schenker
  • 1 june 2012

Huge music festivals have become a Summer staple on a yearly basis. And with huge music festivals come the unfortunate reality of wristbands to help regulate the overwhelming crowds of attendees. When outdoors under the beating sun the last thing anyone wants to wear is a piece of plastic that grates on the skin. Which is why the organizers of Bonnaroo came up with a more efficient and comfortable solution: RFID chips.

This year, to help streamline the influx of people traveling to Manchester, Tennessee for the three day long rock fest, the organizers are using RFID enabled lanyards. Besides the chip itself, as well as the clasp, the wristband is made of a soft and visually appealing fabric that won’t irritate the skin.

The tech in the wristbands also helps keep better track of attendees as well. Wristbands are registered and in turn attendees are given a unique code that ensures that it belongs to them. The chips are scanned as people enter and leave the camp grounds. They are also a deterrent to theft as the RFID chips can be disabled on the fly if they are reported lost or stolen.


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