Fashionistas Photo Check-In With Brands On Their Smartphones

Fashionistas Photo Check-In With Brands On Their Smartphones

Tagbrand is a new service that enables users to comment or vote on labels that their friends are wearing.

Alice Chan
  • 5 june 2012

Tagbrand is a website and app that allows users to tag brands and clothes and unites them in a dedicated community. Once registered on the website, users can start taking photos of themselves, tagging brands of their things, making brand-ins (an analogy to check-ins), looking at other people’s clothing. This photo check-in for brands also allow other users to comment or vote on the brands their friends are wearing. And if users are looking for a particular brand or where to buy an item, they are able to ask the community by making a questioning brand-in. Each photo is tagged with a Twitter and Facebook link, enabling further shareability.

The iPhone Tagbrand application crowdsources real-time fashion choices. Users can create a poll involving several photos of these things and get plenty of advice on what to wear for a party or a business meeting or what to buy in a shop. They can restrict the number of people who can browse the poll by creating it only for specific advisers.


+fashion / apparel
+social networking

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