Chandelier Mimics The Rising And Setting Of The Sun [Video]

Chandelier Mimics The Rising And Setting Of The Sun [Video]
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Beautifully designed lighting fixture reflects the movement of the natural light source..

Yi Chen
  • 25 june 2012

Susanne de Graef has created a beautiful chandelier constructed from multicolored threads and wooden hoops. This delicate lighting fixture moves slowly up and down with a counterweight to visually reflect the movement of the sun as it rises and sets each day.

The art piece is called ‘The Rhythm of Light’ and is also accompanied  by a poem written by Graef. Part of the verse explains the artist’s intention:

I designed a lamp with its own rhythm.
The user decides the rhythm of the lamp by
moving the lamp up and down,
the layers mingle,
the light gets diffuse and the layers turn into
a game of colors.

Check out the video below to get a more in-depth look at the lamp:

Susanne de Graef

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