Circular Bench Transforms Into A Storage Bin [NY Design Week]

Circular Bench Transforms Into A Storage Bin [NY Design Week]
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Louis Lim's 'Round & Round' is a revolving seat that also holds a hidden storage system.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 2 june 2012

Round & Round, a communal circular bench created by New York City based designer Louis Lim, recently debuted at Wanted Design during the 2012 New York Design Week. The bench is made from salvaged 6×6 pine beams, and can be broken down into 6 flat panels for easy transportation. While this in itself is an engineering feat, the real magic of the bench comes from a secret storage bin system. Hidden under the seat of the bench, the storage bins can continuously slide around the entire perimeter of the bench (for an easy visual reference, think about a train moving through a tunnel). The storage bin unit can be broken down into four smaller components,  making the entire bench easy to move.

Scroll through images of Round & Round below:

Photos by Holly Allen Cooper

Louis Lim

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