Classic Tools Remodeled With A Feminine Touch [Pics]

Classic Tools Remodeled With A Feminine Touch [Pics]
Design & Architecture

Brooklyn-based duo 'The Winsome Brave' reimagine banal objects with their creative designs.

Emma Hutchings
  • 8 june 2012

Brooklyn-based multi-disciplinary design studio The Winsome Brave, founded by designers Valerie Gnaedig and Annie Lenon, puts a twist on common objects like nails, brackets, drawer pulls, and even stones. These basic items are reimagined with a feminine touch, to create nails that are triangular and stones that are hung or wrapped with colored cord. Gnaedig told Cool Hunting:

With utilitarian objects, like a standard nail, no one thinks about them anymore. They are so common, they’re lost from thought. But when you put a slight twist on it, they become points of conversation again. They see these triangular nails on Pinterest and they’re like, ‘Oh, I remember nails. Nails can be sweet.’

The Winsome Brave

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