Coca-Cola Creates World’s Largest Stop-Motion Video With Post-It Notes [Video]

Coca-Cola Creates World’s Largest Stop-Motion Video With Post-It Notes [Video]

Soft drink brand creates interactive public art with an uplifting message.

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  • 21 june 2012

For the Coca-Cola Conference of Happiness’ Wall of Happiness, Italian artist Eduardo Zamarro was commissioned to create the world’s largest stop-motion video using only post-it notes. The 1 million post-it notes (roughly 27,000 for each mural) feature messages of happiness from people in European cities. The mural was put together by 20 students and artists to create 135 artworks in only 15 days. Locals passing by the mural were invited to scribble their own ideas and messages of happiness as part of the mural experience.

This falls squarely on Coke’s positioning around their motto of ‘Open Happiness,’ as the brand has been employing tactics that inspire people to feel happy and uplifted. While there’s been more buzz around Coke’s Happiness Machine, we see this endeavor as being equally noteworthy.

Check out the video below to see how the mural was brought to life:

Coca Cola Open Happiness

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