Daily Commutes Visualized With Heat Maps

Daily Commutes Visualized With Heat Maps

Trulia's new maps let users dynamically visualize the time it will take to get to work or other places by car or public transit.

Emma Hutchings
  • 28 june 2012

Local info site Trulia has launched Commute Map, which lets users dynamically visualize their journey to work. Especially useful for those planning to move to a new area, the interactive and responsive map helps them see commute times to work and other areas by translating the information into a heat map.

The Commute Map is a helpful way to communicate a large amount of information in an easy-to-digest format. It uses transit information and OpenStreetMaps data to produce a visual, color-coded representation of commute times.

Daily Commutes Visualized In Heat Maps

Users can specify a start point and then times are calculated in real-time and shown on a heatmap, with green being a short journey, through to red which means it will take over an hour. The commute time can be manipulated using a slider to visualize the places that can be reached quickly or the areas that would take a long time to reach. The Commute Map works for drive times nationwide, and public transit times for cities where data is available.


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