Merge Your Photos To Create Interactive 3D Memories

Merge Your Photos To Create Interactive 3D Memories

Still, a new iPhone app lets users stitch together photos from multiple perspectives to make three-dimensional images they can navigate through.

Dylan Schenker
  • 4 june 2012

What if you could give your photos a little bit more depth? We’re not talking emotional depth but an actual third dimension. Stilla is a new “3D photo” app for the iPhone that let’s people create navigable 3D environments from a series of photos they take within the app.


By combining multiple perspective shots, a more total image of an experience, a location or a moment can be captured. Whereas photographs offer a snapshot of something, Stilla seeks to provide a full panoramic memory. As Stilla states on their official site,

To every image there is a second one, outside the frame. A detail maybe, someone next to you or the sky above. Stilla is a camera for that second look.

The app also “remembers” where the camera was pointed when shots were taken using the iPhones gyroscopic data. Using the data it is better able to calculate how the photos should be merged.

Stilla is developed by design studio Maybe It’s the Lightening and is available to download in the iTunes Store.

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