Hotel Showcases The Work Of Popular Design Firms On Each Floor [Pics]

Hotel Showcases The Work Of Popular Design Firms On Each Floor [Pics]
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The Wanderlust hotel in Singapore features wildly different interior decoration including Pantone rooms, black and white Pop Art, and whimsical fantasy rooms.

Emma Hutchings
  • 21 june 2012

Wanderlust is a creative and experimental boutique hotel in Singapore’s Little India. The building, which was built in the 1920s and used to be a school, features four themed floors with 29 guest rooms. Each floor was designed by a local design firm, given full creative freedom, so they are wildly different from one another.

The ground floor, including the hotel’s lobby, was designed by Asylum who went for an “industrial glam” look with oxidised steel and wood surfaces. Level 2 by :phunk Studio features rooms covered in Pantone colors from the walls to the neon lights, with a rainbow corridor and a customized mosaic-tiled jacuzzi on the outdoor deck. On level 3, DP Architects lead guests across a black corridor into contrasting white rooms with origami and Pop Art works. The loft rooms on level 4 by fFurious present different fantasy-filled experiences and varying themes, like typewriters, trees, and space. Click through to see pictures of the hotel design:


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