Edible Cinema Provides Bespoke Snacks To Enhance Viewing Experience

Edible Cinema Provides Bespoke Snacks To Enhance Viewing Experience
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London’s Electric Cinema has created a new series of screenings that give movie goers numbered food to eat in accordance with on-screen activity.

Emma Hutchings
  • 14 june 2012

London’s Electric Cinema has created a new experience called ‘Edible Cinema‘, a series of film screenings enhanced with numbered snacks that correspond to certain events on-screen. Audience members are handed small packages before the start of the film, and then at different points during the screening, large placards are held up indicating that it’s time to eat the snack with that number. This creative experiment incorporates more than sight and sound into movie-watching, offering tastes, smells, and textures that heighten the viewers’ multisensory experience.

‘Edible Cinema’ is a collaboration between the team at Soho House, experience organiser Polly Betton, and experimental food designer Andrew Stellitano. The first film in the series, Guillermo Del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth, was shown last month. Eight different snacks were selected for the experience, including pine-smoked popcorn, carbonated red grapes, a pipette of gin-cocktail, and shortbread biscuits with hot chili. Andrew Stellitano told The Guardian:

It’s a film I’ve always admired and watched many times. It was really interesting to break it down into key moments to enhance with food and aroma. I was interested in finding places where I could subtly direct the audience to mimic actions of the characters. Flavour is definitely evocative. It’s exciting to think that by pairing film and food we can potentially bring the film closer.

Edible Cinema

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