Food Cart Design That Doesn’t Block Airplane Aisles

Food Cart Design That Doesn’t Block Airplane Aisles
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The Orbit Aircraft Food Delivery System by Heather Dunne is a space-saving solution that solves a common and annoying problem on airlines.

Emma Hutchings
  • 18 june 2012

Orbit is a concept system for delivering food on commercial aircraft by UK designer Heather Dunne. The space-saving solution improves upon the traditional airline food cart by making it slimmer and longer, so passengers can get around flight attendants. The design also allows food to be easily loaded and unloaded and can hold more than the current cart.

A Food Cart That Doesn’t Block Airline Aisles

At 8 inches wide, Orbit is 4 inches thinner than traditional carts, which allows passengers to move past it in the aisle. It is able to hold up to 60 meals as it is longer than the current design, which holds around 35-40. Bio-pac food packages can be taken from the top using a pressure shelf system. Once one layer of packages is removed, the ones underneath move up, allowing flight attendants to deliver food to passengers without having to bend down. Orbit locks into sunken tracks in the aisles, with a motor that propels the wheels forwards or backwards. They can also be locked into the tracks during turbulence so it doesn’t lift off the floor.

A Food Cart That Doesn’t Block Airline Aisles


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