Ford Drivers Can Lower Their Auto Insurance Using Their Smartphones

Ford Drivers Can Lower Their Auto Insurance Using Their Smartphones

Vehicle manufacturer partners with State Farm to help customer save on their premiums.

Yi Chen
  • 4 june 2012

Ford has partnered with State Farm to implement a system where the driver’s behavior can be directly sent to the insurance company via a 3G or 4G smartphone. The information collected can help determine the driver’s insurance premiums. Instead of calculating insurance costs based on statistical analysis, State Farm wants to know the customer’s actual driving behavior, such as how often they drive, how fast they go, and how far they drive each time.

The collaboration would be implemented on Ford’s current dashboard platform, SYNC. Unlike similar programs offered by other car insurance companies, Ford drivers can instantly track their behavior using a SYNC app and transfer the data to State Farm with a smartphone. There’s no need to install a physical module for a duration of time, and then sending the gadget back to the company.

Spokesperson at Ford commented that people who drive the national average of 1,000 miles per month can look to save 10 percent on insurance premiums, and low-mileage driver could save up to 40 percent.

Mike Wey, Senior Vice President of State Farm, expressed that, “We’re excited to have Ford as a partner in this effort. State Farm is always looking for better ways to serve our customers.”


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