Triple Pundit: Ford Determined To Win Over America With Its EV

Triple Pundit: Ford Determined To Win Over America With Its EV

The auto company is using mainstream favorites like NASCAR and celebrities to promote their all-electric car, the Focus.

Triple Pundit
  • 5 june 2012

Ford Motor Company’s all-electric 2012 Focus is hitting the consumer market, and Ford is taking no chances. After watching GM’s highly regarded Chevy Volt become a “political punching bag,” Ford has been taking steps to build a wall of mainstream American love around the Focus EV, practically daring the pundits (okay, so Rush Limbaugh) to attack.

Ford launched a preemptive salvo last week when it announced that none other than the all-American sporting organization NASCAR will host the Focus EV as its pace car for an upcoming race at the Richmond International Speedway. That says plenty right there – take a shot at the Focus EV, and you’re going to irritate millions of NASCAR fans – but Ford has even more in store.

Chevy Volt was on the right track

It’s instructive to take a look at the experience of GM’s Volt, which has recently seen its sales figures rise despite the negative commentary from certain quarters. When GM launched the Volt, the company knew there would be some pushback, and it did all the right things. It designed a great car (Motor Trend’s Car of the Year), and it accommodated the public’s unfamiliarity with EV technology by giving the Volt a gasoline engine as a backup.

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Originally published on Triple Pundit, republished with kind permission.

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