Fujifilm Considers Launching 3D Printing ‘Kiosks’

Fujifilm Considers Launching 3D Printing ‘Kiosks’

Expensive machinery could soon be readily available to DIY hobby enthusiasts.

Yi Chen
  • 4 june 2012

The 3D printer is moving away from being only a specialist manufacturing tool, to becoming more of a household item. As prices come down for 3D printers, more DIY enthusiasts are looking to 3D print items for their hobbies. Fujifilm Australia has realized this trend and is rumored to be considering 3D printing services that are readily accessible by consumers.

The 3D printers would be available at special Fujifilm kiosks, where customers can send the design to the store and collect the order afterwards. Michael Mostyn, from Fujifilm Australia, explained to Gizmag that:

What we’re suggesting is that utilizing existing infrastructure, instead of just limiting it to photo gifting products, what if we are able to have a number of predetermined models and provide customers with a personalized 3D gift shop.


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