Google Creates Street View For Hiking Trails

Google Creates Street View For Hiking Trails

Google Trekker lets you visually explore previously unmapped areas from your computer, and then take to the hills.

Nestor Bailly, PSFK
  • 12 june 2012

Google’s quest to create the perfect map has reached a new milestone. Using a backpack-mounted multilens camera setup, Google employees can now record places and routes only reachable by foot (or ski). The Android-powered device weighs 40 pounds and holds 15 cameras, a hard drive, and enough battery power for a full day of exploration.

Luc Vincent, engineering director, taking the Street View Trekker for a trial run in Tahoe

After Google’s indoor maps for navigating large interior spaces and Street View for the Amazon and landmarks, perhaps this was inevitable. It certainly democratizes outdoor spaces to an extent, allowing those unable to travel far the benefit of at least visually experiencing nature.

See a typically cheerful Google video of Trekker in action below:

Google Maps Street View

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