Grow A Chair From Climbing Vines [Pics]

Grow A Chair From Climbing Vines [Pics]
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Designer creates living furniture by shaping vines around a metal frame.

Yi Chen
  • 1 june 2012

German designer, Werner Aisslinger, has created a concept of a Chair Farm, where climbing plants are trained to grow in the shape of chairs. Aisslinger has created steel frames where the fast-growing vines can climb onto. Once the plant has reach finished growing, the frame is then removed to reveal a simple woven chair that can be sat on.

The living furniture is not only eco-friendly, but the artist suggests that it can attract animals like butterflies or rabbits. Aisslinger explains on his website that:

The chair is no longer produced in the classical sense of the word. Instead, it grows of its own volition in a greenhouse or on a field. When it has reached maturity, the steel corset is opened and removed, revealing a naturally grown chair.

Aisslinger sees this concept a step towards ‘product plantations,’ where home furniture can be grown on a bigger scale.

Werner Aisslinger

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