Hacked Photobooth Only Takes Pictures When Users Scream

Hacked Photobooth Only Takes Pictures When Users Scream

Photographer Billy Hunt's Screamotron3000 is rigged to only take photos when people scream, exploring their vanity and self-perception.

Emma Hutchings
  • 14 june 2012

Photographer Billy Hunt rigged a photobooth, the Screamotron3000, to only take photos when the subject screamed. Using a converted boom box with a microphone threaded through it, he connected a PocketWizard that could take a picture wirelessly when the noise from a scream reached a certain decibel level.

The aim of this project is to explore people’s vanity and the struggle of self-perception, offering “a window through the inherently artificial process of portraiture into real human emotion”. The video below shows a selection of his subjects in the photo booth:

Scream Portraits by Billy Hunt from Billy Hunt on Vimeo.


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