Headband Helps Users To Concentrate Better [Pics]

Headband Helps Users To Concentrate Better [Pics]

This unique EEG device can help users improve mental focus.

Yi Chen
  • 22 june 2012

Startup company Axio has created a simple headband that aims to help users have better control over their brains so they can improve their focus. The headband is embedded with EEG sensors that can measure brainwaves in real-time and provide instant feedback with built-in Bluetooth audio technology. The device provides positive reinforcement via audio feedback when the user is mentally focused.

The EEG headband is still a prototype but Arye Barnehama, Co-founder of Axio, confirms that the product should be available for sale by the end of summer, but no price points were given or where consumers can purchase it.


Photos courtesy of Engadget


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