Hotel Accepts Doodles From Artists As Payment For Rooms

Hotel Accepts Doodles From Artists As Payment For Rooms

Free accommodation in exchange for artworks that are signed by their creators.

Yi Chen
  • 12 june 2012

Clarion Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden, is adding a new method of payment for guests. From 8 June, 2012, guests can pay for their hotel stay with art. It doesn’t need to be a masterpiece, any art qualifies, even stick figures or “meaningless squiggles.” The only requirements are that the artwork fits on an A4 piece of paper, it’s signed by the artist, and that the hotel gets to keep it afterwards.

Tess Mattisson, Marketing Manager at Clarion Hotel, explained the ‘Room for Art’ promotion, “Accommodation is what we know and we’re happy to provide it. Everyone is welcome here, from young and upcoming artists to those that are already established.”

Clarion Hotel


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