IKEA Posters Fold Out Into Moving Boxes

IKEA Posters Fold Out Into Moving Boxes

The popular furniture maker adds value by providing free moving boxes and discounts in a time of need.

Nestor Bailly, PSFK
  • 13 june 2012

In the Canadian province of Quebec, July 1st is a popular moving day. This causes quite a bit of chaos, and there tend to be shortages of boxes weeks in advance (not to mention lots of great street loot afterwards!).

Last year IKEA saw an opportunity and decided to help out by putting up posters that were also branded moving boxes. With playful tag lines, discounts on new furniture, moving tips and dinner offers for those without a kitchen, the boxes were very popular and could even be turned into chairs. IKEA posted them around Montreal and in big pyramids in central locations.

IKEA and Leo Burnett Toronto recently won a North American Gold Effie for the campaign, which increased store traffic by 14% and sales by 24.5% over the same weekend in the previous year. That’s the same effect as opening an entire new IKEA store in that market.

By providing a useful, free resource to potential customers, IKEA helpfully positioned themselves as the go-to source for moving and furnishing for thousands of consumers. More proof that adding value for free increases customer engagement and the likelihood that they’ll shop on-brand.


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