IKEA Creates Party-Proof Kitchens

IKEA Creates Party-Proof Kitchens

IKEA proves you can throw the wildest parties without worrying about trashing your house. A teenager's dream come true?

Nestor Bailly, PSFK
  • 14 june 2012

Swedish furniture manufacturer and consistent trendsetter, IKEA, has set up an interactive site that shows off how durable its kitchen furnishings are. Users drag a man left and right as he jumps, does splits and sprays champagne all over a test kitchen to reenact what is probably a pretty good party.

Built to emphasize a 25-year guarantee on kitchens and show off their  ‘slam-proof’ doors and ‘stain-proof’ counters, IKEA teamed up with Mother to put this fun ad together. It’s a brilliant, creative way to demonstrate otherwise slightly less interesting product features. It should be taken as inspiration and perhaps not tried out at home.

IKEA Quality Guarantee

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